The F<3K Su|C|De Podcast

Welcome to The F<3K Su|C|De Podcast. Started in 2019 by Joey O’Dell (Instagram: @ohh_dell) the podcast talks to everyday people about their battles with mental health, their lives and situations that may help others out there suffering from any similar situations. 

The lack of real conversations about mental health is a dilemma that leaves people suffering, thinking they are all alone, with no way out. The The F<3K Su|C|De Podcast aims to break this dilemma and give listeners out there a way to feel there is a way out of the darkness. The F<3K Su|C|De Podcast spelling has a lot of hidden meanings. 

F<3K obviously is a very blatant word and by no means do we want to soften it, but show that there is love within our message. If you turn the word length ways you will see the hidden heart emoji. Completely by accident we have the F-fear is less than <3k (I love you 3000), an emotional saying in the last Avengers endgame movie. Su|C|De is broken down to Su – Support | C – Courage | De – against Depression. I was trying to be clever and I hope it has worked.

Thank you for showing your support.


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