Episode 005 – ITS OUT NOW!

Joey and Lachlan sit down, in this episode, and have a man to man chat about their experiences with suicide, personal battles and do what Lachlan help people do best, Open Up

We also discuss the massive tag that is mental health in todays society as well as try and remember some of the awesome stuff we talked about before we pressed record

Sometimes every chat you had with someone you wish you had recorded

Massive shoutout to Cafe Royal Cockburn for letting us use their space and to Lachlan for sharing with us his time

Lachlan was the last person we talked to on The F<3k Su|C|De Podcast before the renaming process started, but don't worry. The show will go on under a new name ... To be announced soon! . . . . #podcast #perth #openup #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #superchat @top_theobsidianproject



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