Recently we lost one of our brothers too soon.
Known by many as Rewi, he was a strong bloke with deep routes here in Perth to the powerlifting community. To celebrate his life, his passion to lifting and to also check in with our brothers and sisters around the world we want to start a challenge

The 20 for 20 for 2020 challenge.
What you need to do is either complete 20 deadlifts, 20 bench press or 20 back squats. Then tag 20 people on your friends list. These 20 people need to consist of 10 people in your circle and 10 people you haven’t spoken to for a while

Sadly Rewi took his own life and few of us really knew what Rewi was going through. If this message/challenge can help you, someone close to you or someone you haven’t spoken to in years open up a conversation about being in a tough spot or talking about a tough situation they are going through it could be the message they need to make positive steps for better mental health in 2020

Just copy and paste the challenge notes and if you have a special message for Rewi and his family please share that too.

Together with Chris Neve and Caitlyn Lewis we want to start this off strong. So he is our 20 for 20 for 2020! We are always here for you! ❤️❤️❤️
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