Man I live a good challenge. I started fasting intermittently a few years ago, so when the idea came around of doing a three day fast I jumped right in.
Now a once a month regular. …
This month I thought about that 3rd day and my ego loves to try and test me and says, that’s was easy, bet you couldn’t do 5 days. …
So fuck it, why the hell not. …
So yeah those extra 2 days are tough, to say the least.
Looking back at it now, I wouldn’t recommend it. Although the pictures paint a good picture, I can promise you the headspace was far from great

It was great for my resilience as someone that suffers from using food as a comforting tool, but the post fasting meal was down right disgusting and left me vomiting hard

The physical results you can see are from a massive reduction in gut inflammation which has been maintained well post fast

I love a good challenge but I will leave this one in the history books for myself and stick to just 72hrs in the future

Loved the learning experience though!
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