I was chatting to a friend just a few days ago as I saw him say that he had been struggling and was finally doing better

So I reached out to him to see how he was and after a bit of back and forth we soon came to realise that we both have similar patterns when we are at our lowest points.
REACHING OUT can be hard and daunting

One conclusion that we came up with was to create a code word between our friends and people around us

Sometimes even just replying back to someone or sending them a message to say “Hey mate. I’m not doing great at the moment, can we have a chat”, is very hard to do

So here is our theory. Let’s create a mental health code word. Something that you wouldn’t normally say, but has no relevance to asking for help

For example. Chimichangas! Then we could simply reply, where and when for a coffee or are you free now for a chat

It’s a simple and non confronting way to let those around us know that we’re not doing so well.
Maybe give it a try, and if anyone wants to share with me their code word I will be more than happy to be there for you if you ever need to send it

Peace and love my friends
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