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Are you pushing for results? Or a reason why? Neither answer is wrong it all just depends on the rules of the game. The problem is that sometime we aren’t aware of the rules of the game and we end up chasing the wrong targets. In health for example we commonly chase the KG loss as our primary focus. The problem is these goals are finite. If you reach them you often don’t have something to focus on next and if you don’t reach them or your not reaching them fast enough you’re demotivated and it feels like shit. This can be said in the work place, relationships and many other areas of life. What if you were chasing these goals for a bigger cause. Something driven by passion, something that has no tangible end result. Family is one, health is another and there are lots more. If you work towards something with a greater purpose you may never get to see the finished article, but that’s kind of the point. That way you will constantly work towards your dreams and each day you will feel good doing anything that is aligned to that dream because you will start to feel closer, every day, as if you are actually living it.
Like one of my favourite educators @simonsinek teaches us. 1. Find your why! 2. Know what game you are playing.


My Name is Joey and I am a Life Coach under George Helou with EP7. I have been in the coaching industry for over 12 years within sports, health and fitness, but moved into the path of life coaching in 2016. After coaching many clients over my time I realised that a large part of my passion came from helping people through change and reinvention. Although this process is followed in my previous coaching role I felt I have so much more to give and offer people through the techniques and skills I have learnt through my time working with George.


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