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Have you ever sat in the dark and been overcome by fear?

This is what happens to most people when anxiety and depression hits and the desire to find the brightest light to quash those feelings is like a panic or sheer avoidance to feel safe again even for a moment.
The body is amazing at adapting. Just like these feelings if you sit in the dark your body adjusts to where it is. Pupils dilate to allow more light in, hearing, smells and touch all become more sensitive to help guide you to thrive in your surroundings. The same can be said for depression. From personal experience the first instinct is to run, and run as far away as possible. For me my running was to alcohol and to put myself in an environment where I last felt secure. I then made a choice. A choice to sit in my darkness and let myself adjust and I soon realised there were many people sat in the darkness with me, people that helped me master this dark place and come out of it stronger. The dark can always be scary but allow yourself to adjust and you can find people and power to guide you out.
If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety please don’t be afraid to REACHOUT. There are always people who’ve been in those dark places to guide you out. @rezarekt_ep7


My Name is Joey and I am a Life Coach under George Helou with EP7. I have been in the coaching industry for over 12 years within sports, health and fitness, but moved into the path of life coaching in 2016. After coaching many clients over my time I realised that a large part of my passion came from helping people through change and reinvention. Although this process is followed in my previous coaching role I felt I have so much more to give and offer people through the techniques and skills I have learnt through my time working with George.


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