Perspective is everything. –
For years I was mad at my Dad, angry and confused at why he didn’t want to be part of my life and then again when he passed away before I was 6.

For the first time in my life I actually have gratitude towards him. His absence helped me learn to be comfortable on my own, the confusion hardened me to be resilient, the lack of a teach brought me lessons from others and the pain and anguish taught me to be a fighter. –
Many years on I could be angry, I could be confused and I could be full of hate but the lesson of perspective I learnt along the way. The lesson that I can choose to see things from any angle. So for that I have nothing but gratitude because without you I would not be the man I am today and I would not have had the surprise after 33 years of finding I have another family. –
We can always choose, no matter what the situation but sometimes we get clouded by our emotion. EP7 helped me learn to see perspective of all my emotions. Perhaps it can for you too. –

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My Name is Joey and I am a Life Coach under George Helou with EP7. I have been in the coaching industry for over 12 years within sports, health and fitness, but moved into the path of life coaching in 2016. After coaching many clients over my time I realised that a large part of my passion came from helping people through change and reinvention. Although this process is followed in my previous coaching role I felt I have so much more to give and offer people through the techniques and skills I have learnt through my time working with George.


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