Content On The Go

Our one mission is to give you the opportunity to own your life , and give you the help and support for you while at home, at work or on the go.

Why Use Our App?

Take it on the road

Whether making the city commute, travelling interstate, flying around the world, or just simply being at home, we are here with you along the way.

Access To all you Accounts

Within the app you have one location to access all your account data. From financials, course content, to workouts, its all stored in one place with the O-NU app.

Menus At Your Fingertips

We have worked with qualified Nutritionists to come up with a diverse range of meal plans to suit your health orientated goals. Rather than carry around PDF’s of data, let our app break down and plan all your meals for their day. All you have to do is shop and cook.

Set Up Personalised Notifications

The app allows you to set specific daily, weekly and monthly targets, al based around your goals. To help keep you accountable you will receive notifications to help you continue to take Ownership.

Progress Photos

While taking Ownership is mostly down to mental disciplines one of those is our health and fitness and its great to see where our disciplines have taken us in a physical aspect. Add and store progress photos on our database.

Course Content On Demand

All of the course content in your chosen courses is stored and progress monitored through the app. This allows you too pick up where you left off. Also add any course to your plan at any time.

I wanted to create something that our clients could take with them anywhere they wish to go. We have worked with such a wide variety of people over the years and a common struggle has been finding a way to consume the education they want while they moved about their daily lives. The O-NU app was the perfect solution.
Joseph O'Dell
O-NU Creator

"Amazing for course content on the go"

Chris Adams - Football NSW

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