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One on One Ownership

Our one on one coaching package challenges you to really start to take full ownership of your life.


Take Full Ownership by:

So What's Involved For

the next 20 weeks

A Little Added Extra

We are in this as a team

This doesn’t mean that you are going at this solo. All of our One on One clients are encouraged to consume the Octagon Team courses as well as attending the Team “ZOOM” calls, so that we can grow and learn from each other.

Have a look at the Intro to our “OCTAGON TEAM” course below. This outlines all that is included as part of the course and what you can expect to help take ownership of your life.

Team Environment
Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Start to take Ownership of YOU!

Why change your life?

Choose The Right Plan For You

One on One Coaching Payment Plans

Course Time Payment Plan

$ 207 Per Week For Course Length
  • Manageable Payment options
  • Full Access To All Course Content
  • O-NU App
  • Weekly 60 min Calls
  • or
  • Fortnightly 120 min calls
  • Full EP7 Platform Access
  • Pay It Off By The End Of The Course

Paid In Full

$ 3997 Pay it off all at once
  • Full Access To All The Course Content
  • O-NU App
  • Weekly 60 Min Call
  • or
  • Fortnightly 120 Min Calls
  • Full EP7 Platform Access
  • No Extra Fees Involved

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

At this stage Joey runs all of the courses by himself so you will be getting all of the course content direct from the creator.

There are 20 hours of sessions in total. These will be scheduled at a set time and date. Although this may change as per needs and requirements.

Once you sign up to the course you can’t cancel the subscription. However if you feel that you have received no benefit from the course and you have shown up to all of the “LIVE” sessions we will terminate the contract.

You still have access to all of the course content. The content will be updated over time as the course continues to grow, so stay tuned for any updates and any bonis material that may get added.

We’re glad that you asked. YES! If you refer a friend we will give you a choice of a 20% discount on the next portion of the course, one week FREE One on One Coaching with Joey, a Free Myzone Belt or $100 cash.

Not to worry. If you miss a session in most circumstances the coach will reschedule he session where possible. Although if repeated sessions are missed there may be further costs involved in order to complete the course.

The group courses last 6 weeks as you know and a new course will start 10 weeks after the start of the latest course. The One on One Coaching starts as soon as you and your coach discuss a start date.

Thats awesome news. We encourage all of our One on One clients to also take part in the group courses to become part of a community so all that you would need to do is to upgrade your plan.

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