Need that extra special push? One on One coaching will give you the guided extra that is needed.

What is involved?

The major difference between the Octagon Team and the One on One coaching is the personalised attention and course content. 

This doesn’t mean that you are going at this solo. All of our One on One clients are encouraged to consume the Octagon Team courses as well as attending the Team “ZOOM” calls, so that we can grow and learn from each other.

Once a week we will also meet in a personalised zoom session to go over different aspects of where you are at in your life as well as setting and adjusting different factors of your life that are tailor made to work with you.

"By becoming self-aware you gain ownership of reality; in becoming real you become the master of both inner and outer self".

- Deepak Chopra

Have a look at the Intro to our “OCTAGON TEAM” course below. This outlines all that is included as part of the course and what you can expect to help take ownership of your life.

Team Environment
Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Meet some of our clients

What do they say?

Chris Adams

Football Caoch

Graeme Allan

Business Consultant

Raymon Cooper

Small Business Owner

Jason Lai


Start to take Ownership of YOU!

Why change your life?

Payment Plan

Paid off in 12 weekly instalments
$ 250
  • Full App Access
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Group & 1-1 Calls

Monthly Plan

Paid off in 3 monthly instalments
$ 999
  • Full App Access
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Group & 1-1 Calls

PIF Plan

Pay it all off straight away
$ 2997
  • Full App Access
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Group & 1-1 Calls

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