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Once upon a time I was broken. I felt like I was at the bottom of the barrel, struggling to hold onto life and in an environment that supported my demise. —
8 years on, I look back and I am proud. Proud that I stood up to my demons and thrived in that same environment. .
I’m not saying it’s been easy since then as there have been many more challenges along the way. .
One thing I learnt that helped me through was resilience. I learnt about the power of who I am and that got me to be the person I am today. I’m proud of what I went through because now I have the chance to sit here and back YOU 100% to find that resilience within you. —
Together strong. We’ve got this!
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My Name is Joey and I am a Life Coach under George Helou with EP7. I have been in the coaching industry for over 12 years within sports, health and fitness, but moved into the path of life coaching in 2016. After coaching many clients over my time I realised that a large part of my passion came from helping people through change and reinvention. Although this process is followed in my previous coaching role I felt I have so much more to give and offer people through the techniques and skills I have learnt through my time working with George.


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