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INSPIRATION over motivation.

Motivation or a lack of is a big thing for a lot of people, but why?
Motivation is short term. You can have it and then it goes within an instant.
So what about inspiration. What inspires you. —
INSPIRATION can come from anywhere but loves long in the memory as what inspires you is consistent.
For example I take my inspiration from @echelonfront @realleifbabin and @jockowillink. Their military education on discipline has helped me to no end as the military and their discipline is always there and all I need to do is look at the military and see what they go through and make no excuses for myself. —
Let INSPIRATION help you grow. .
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My Name is Joey and I am a Life Coach under George Helou with EP7. I have been in the coaching industry for over 12 years within sports, health and fitness, but moved into the path of life coaching in 2016. After coaching many clients over my time I realised that a large part of my passion came from helping people through change and reinvention. Although this process is followed in my previous coaching role I felt I have so much more to give and offer people through the techniques and skills I have learnt through my time working with George.


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