Once upon a time there was a little kid with ambitions, dreams and hope.
This kid was brought into this world with a chance to make everything they want a reality.
Somewhere along the way, this kid may have slipped up. They may have been beaten to the ground, they may have fallen from a huge height or they may have been through a tough path, but that kid is still there. —
That kid with limitless potential is still there. Those thoughts this dreams they are still there, the only thing is your story is still been written. Your movie is still being directed.
You are the hero and that hero is going through the part where they are tested and been given every opportunity to lay down, but that’s not you.
You are the Oscar winner, the hero is the best selling story and you were born to fight and born to win. —
It’s ok to feel down, it’s ok to take a knee, it’s ok to lie down flat on your back in the sand and question everything.
Once you have answered all those questions you will have one question remaining. 🤩WHAT AM I GOONG TO DO ABOUT IT?🤩

Now that my hero, well the answer is you are going to win. Win at your movie, your story and your passion. The fight will be hard. The fight will have pain, but the story is yours to write and the great things about a story being written. —
It can go anywhere you want it to!!!
You’ve got this!
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