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Do YOU Want to Know Who YOU Are?

There are 1000 questions that you may have when trying to understand who you are. 

How can you find the answers?

“Don’t ask. Take action. Action will delineate and define you!

 -Thomas Jefferson

If you have decided that it’s time to make some changes it’s time to start with you. Taking Ownership of what you want, where you want to go and more importantly who you are is the best place to start.

It’s time to take the time to O-NU (Own-You)’

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Desislava Vicheva
Desislava Vicheva
The Octagon Team
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I started to think about myself more than before, trying my best to be the better version of me. I have started to take control of my thoughts and feelings
Adam Totaro
Adam Totaro
Fitness & Nutrition
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Improved understanding of body. Strengths, weaknesses, limitations, bias, wear, response to rest, reactions to work. Better mental approach to training. Consciousness of purpose for training, being to optimise my state of mind by being physically well. Awareness of burnout approaching through reactions to the disciplines of training. Improved commitment to routine. Hard to attribute this to the training solely. A very reliable trainer and a commitment to the time creates an accountability.
Nerida Burns
Nerida Burns
One on One
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Physically I have never been fitter. Emotionally I have shared stories, good and bad and I have received advice when needed and sometimes just laugh at me, and sometimes just shake his head. Either way, it has helped me. Mentally, where do I start. I wouldn't be in the head space I'm in without Joey. Overall Joey, you have been a rock. You have kicked me up the ass when I've needed it. You have helped me run 17kms when I wanted to stop after 5. Your encouragement and belief is next level. So, in all aspects of my training, not just physically, you have helped me reach heights that I never thought i could achieve. And I still have some goals Joey is helping me work on. Cant thank you enough.
Dee Newbury
Dee Newbury
One on One
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Your curiosity to the unknown and capability to connect dots in the unknown created a starting point for my internal body to heal at its on pace. Your lack of body ego , knowledge of the human body and ability to have your own self doubt made you relatable to me and in turn made my training matter, even when physical movements were ever so subtle, my body was repairing. I changed me and chose you because your vulnerability matched mine and your drive to succeed matched mine. It’s all personal why and what we get from others.
Bethwyn Kenny
Bethwyn KennyOne on One & Group
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U shud be so exceptionally proud of all u have achieved & how many souls u have touched over the years. Will never forget everything u have done for me, u went above & beyond as a trainer, from being a shoulder to cry on at anytime, to helping me move house to escape a toxic marriage with my kids, to holding my crying baby so I cud box it out with jay when my dad died, to helping me thru the darkest of days struggling with chronic depression, Joey u have literally saved my life on more than 1 occasion, u have me hope when I had nothing left, your kindness has helped heal my soul 🙏 Your one of a kind Joseph Odell & whatever comes next on your journey will only be more amazing than the last one 💪💪😘 keep on shining🌟

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